The Pathologization of Neurominorities

KCS*, autism, bipolarity, dyslexia, schizophrenia, etc., as seen from the neurodiversity paradigm, aren’t disorders, diseases, or illnesses. In the neurodiversity paradigm we don’t think of a right or wrong style of neurocognitive function. There isn’t a “normal” or “healthy” type of brain/neurology. Being healthy isn’t a condition that is innate to any type of brain.

Furthermore, calling them differences is neuronormative, meaning that it implies that there is a standard or normal type of neurology. In this case, the implication is that neurotypicality is the standard.

KCS*, autism, bipolar, dyslexia, schizophrenia, etc., are all neurocognitive variants, styles of neurocognitive functioning, types or forms of neurodivergence, neurocognitve variants, and even disabilities in a world not built for us.

They are NOT a difference, a disorder, a disease, or an illness.

The psychiatric establishment pathologizes our style of neurocognitive functioning, but in order to cause a shift from this dominant pathology paradigm that they keep promoting, to the neurodiversity paradigm, we cannot use their language.

Science itself is neutral by nature. We as humans choose how we see things.

The psychiatric establishment and organizations like Autism Speaks choose to see things through the lens of the pathology paradigm at the cost of our human dignity, our human rights, and our value as individuals in society.

Remember perspective is everything. Change a perspective and you can change the world.

One last thing I want to address is that some individuals out there don’t think that all or some of these neurotypes are real. They have what I call neurotypical privilege which comes from being part of such an overwhelming neurological majority. This makes it so that they aren’t even aware or can ignore the existence of other neurotypes.

Furthermore, if they do accept them as being real they choose to see them, as I stated above, from a perspective of pathology.

This is what we are trying to change.

* – “Kinetic Cognitive Style” equivalent to ADHD, but without the pathologization.


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